Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee
The Coffee Academics Singapore

Black Coffee

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Freshly brew with our award-winning TCA House Blend coffee beans
Citrus · Toffee · Milk Chocolate

Iced espresso steamed, emulsifying the natural sugars
in coffee to create a frothy and creamy texture. 
TCA House Blend Cold Brew 
Slow-steep in cool water for more than 10 hours
Espresso Tonic
Double espresso, tonic water, lemon, lime, mint and dehydrated lemon
Long Black 
Hot / Iced
Double espresso and hot water
Single shot, extracted 30 sec to 30ml
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- Please note that Steam, TCA House Blend Cold Brew & Espresso Tonic is available as Iced only. Espresso is available as Hot only