Subscription Plans

Enjoy the convenience of having your favourite coffees as part of a subscription plan so that you always get to brew freshly-roasted coffee at home or at the office. 

Frequency: Choose from either every 2 weeks or 4 weeks to have your coffees delivered to you (Or opt for free self-collection at our stores). 

Pricing: All Coffee Subscription Plans entitle you to 10% off your purchase. 

Pausing your Subscription / Cancellation Policy: Our Flexi Coffee Subscription plans enable you to easily pause or cancel your subscription at any time. (Hit "Manage Subscription" under your Account with us). We do have a minimum commitment period of completing 2 cycles of your Subscription Plan before you cancel / pause your subscription (non-refundable). 

Notifications: We'll always send you a reminder 3 days before your next order is due 

Delivery: All delivery orders are sent out by our team on Tuesdays between 10am - 7pm, cut-off for orders are on Fridays at 10am.  If the scheduled delivery day falls on a Public Holiday, your order will be delivered on the following day. 

Recycling: Yes, we currently do have a recycling program for our Cold Brew bottles. We collect them back during our deliveries, or you may drop them off at any of our stores. Kindly ensure that the bottles are rinsed through and empty prior to returning them to us. This is to ensure our kitchen is kept free of contaminants when the bottles are returned for industrial-grade processing. 

Coffee Beans
If no one is home, we will either leave your package in your mailbox or outside your door (Please let us know if you are uncomfortable with this arrangement). 

Cold Brew 
If you'd prefer an alternative day delivery, please write to us here. If no one is home, we are unable to leave your package outside your door as the brews are required to be refrigerated as soon as possible. 

If you missed your delivery, write to us here to schedule for a new delivery date. Do note that a re-delivery fee of $15 will apply. 



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