TCA Roastery

In the early summer days of 2010, “Coffee Academy and Roasting Studio” was first founded on Haven Street, Causeway Bay, dedicated to technical exchanges and sharing idealism for the coffee industry. Located in a charming 1950s architecture, it was a unique space for like-minded coffee aficionados. We attracted the young and the experienced, the curious and the passionate from different parts of the world to movie nights, art jams, photography classes, leather-making… all over a cup of coffee.

This became the birthplace of “The Coffee Academïcs” in 2012, a platform gathering people, minds, and passions together by way of specialty coffee. Our flagship, located at 38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, is a unique sensory playground for the avid coffee connoisseur.

Our retail spaces are sanctuaries for those seeking shelter from the metropolitan cacophony of the cities we are located in and those seeking a bohemian oasis amidst the scent of coffee. This beautiful assemblage is a fine collection of individually-designed coffeehouses, each uniquely fashioned to assimilate into their neighbourhood.

  • Our Hong Kong flagship located at the heart of Causeway Bay was inspired by elements of different cities, a mix of relaxing industrial loft and bohemian cool.
  • Our Singaporean flagship is a 3,000 square feet sensorial arena, offering customers innovative ways to learn about coffee.
  • Our Bangkok flagship embraces contemporary minimalism with verdant displays to pay tribute to the local foliate -- which highlights our Thailand-exclusive Thailand House Blend.

The Coffee Academics has been a constant recipient of many important international awards and accolades in the professional coffee industry:

  • Top 3 working cafes around the world under “Top 10 For Coffee Life” by Blue Wings, Finnair.
  • "Top of the Town" coffee talents amongst our staff including professional CQI-SCAA, Q Graders, City and Guilds qualified world barista champion judges, international coffee competition award holders.
  • Known to be Hong Kong's most tasteful and beautiful chain of independently designed retail cafes with exquisite product designs.
  • Ranked 1st in specialty coffee in 2017, Hong Kong by the Frost and Sullivan report.
  • Coffee blends rank 3rd in the world and 1st in Asia by International Coffee Review.

In November 2012, TCA opened its doors on Yiu Wa Street as an extension of our studio experience – a proper onsite Probat 12 Roaster and high ceilings. Local roasting in a high rent commercial district is a testament of our commitment to redefining the mass copy-and-paste coffeehouses and synthetic flavours, back to the origins of specialty-graded coffee.

Our coffee is either 70% direct traded from unique small-scale plantations or auction-grade coffees. In fact, 70% of our House Blend contributes to different charities around the world, notably in Brazil and Ethiopia. From onsite roasting to meticulous cupping, every drop of our coffee speaks of our interpretation of the perfect brew that contributes goodness back to our world.


The Coffee Academïcs values quality service and has deliberately invested in barista training with top-of-the-range brewing equipment. It is known for its comprehensive coffee training programs for both professional and hobbyist purposes.

With an enthusiasm for establishing a stronger coffee culture and community in Asia, The Coffee Academïcs stretches its training services not only internally but also externally, providing workshops and events with qualified coffee instructors as well as internationally recognized certification programmes to the public with practical workshops for further enhancement.

Our coffee workshops include in-house coffee appreciation classes, Specialty Coffee Association SCA-Certified or Q-Grader courses, and Cup of Excellence cupping sessions.