TCA House Blend Dripbag (Box of 5)
TCA House Blend Dripbag (Box of 5)
TCA House Blend Dripbag (Box of 5)
The Coffee Academics Singapore

TCA House Blend Dripbag (Box of 5)

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100% of coffee beans roast on demand locally in Hong Kong

TCA House Blend is delicately composed of beans from 3 different origins which complement each other in its aroma, body and flavour, enhancing the light-medium roasting level.

30% came from Colombia, in the Huila region, called ‘Colombia Supremo Huila’, graded SC17/18.
30% came from various regions in Brazil, named “Samba”. This beautiful natural-processed coffee from Carpricornio Coffee, empowers women in Brazil and in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives.
40% is hailed from the Sakicha region in Ethiopia, called ‘Ethiopia Guji Uraga Washing Station’. The coffee sourced from this region supports Girls Gotta Run Foundation.
70% of this blend gives back to farmer communities through charities and social enterprises.



Tasting Notes
Grapefruit | Citrus | Chocolate | Almond

Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil

Heirloom, Colombia F7, Bourbon

1,200 - 2,000 MASL

Natural, Fully Washed, Pulped Natural